Rockets and Titans - Teaser Trailer


by MN8 Films and P-51 Pictures


Sound Design and Mix of Trailer

A Hearing Loss PSA


by 7yr Films


Sound Design, Effects Editing, Foley, Re-Recording Mix (theatrical)


(Turn volume up.  This only got a theatrical mix and not an online mix. Sorry)

Gray Area


by The Last Pack Media


Sound Effects Editing and Re-Recording Mix


Feature Documentary Out of Nothing - Sound Supervisor

Halloween 2015 Fun


Animation by KinetiKos


Sound Design, Sound Effects Editing, Re-Recording Mix


Promotional Video for


Production Sound Mixer, Sound Design and Re-Recording Mix


Pass The Hat is a non-profit organization that provides financial relief to families that are victims of tragedy in Whatcom County. We also inspire every person to be involved in philanthropy and make it possible to be part of something awesome.


Promotional trailer for a high school contest


Sound Design, Sound Effects Editing, Re-Recording Mix